Modification List of My 2015 Infiniti Q50 (@mike.repps)

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It's very humbling to have people compliment and appreciate the dedication and time you put into modifying your car on a daily basis. Since I've been getting lots of questions through my Instagram @mike.repps asking which parts I use, or where I purchased a specific part, I decided to compile everything here, along with pictures and links when available to hopefully help you with your build.

2015 Infiniti Q50 in Moonlight White, AWD VQ37 Sports Package.


Headlight Modification:

Read my full article "DIY Headlight Modification on an Infiniti Q50"

Always-On™ Module for Infiniti Q50 - Link


20% on the sides and rear, and 50% on the windshield. 

Roof is wrapped in gloss black vinyl. This was done by a shop, but you can do it yourself. You can purchase the vinyl wrap off of Amazon here.

Chrome Delete:

I wrapped the chrome pieces myself using another roll of the same gloss black vinyl linked above. 


  1. First aftermarket wheels were Niche Misano.
  2. Current Wheels are Ferrada FR4
  3. Wheel specs: 20x10.5 et 28
  5. Lug nuts: Muteki
  6. Aluminium Hub Bore Rings
  7. Calipers were painted red. White infiniti decals were applied on top.
  8. Rotors: Stillen Slotted Sport Rotors
  9. Brake Pads - HAWK pads were very noisy, so I switched to the Akebono ones, which do make noise when its humid or cold outside, but not as bad as the Hawk.

BC Coilovers


Ark Catback - Link
Fast Intentions High Flow Cats, Resonated - Link (Not pictured above)
Stillen Air Intake - Link


Exterior Elements

Carbon Fiber Spoiler - Link

Carbon Fiber Side Skirts - Link

Stillen Front Splitter - Link Painted Gloss Black

I modified the front splitter before painting it.

Stillen Rear Diffuser - Link Painted Gloss Black

Rear chrome, front chrome, emblems, door handles, and the trim were all wrapped in gloss black.

Aluminium undertray replacement is a TBW Q50 Undertray in gloss black - Link

Roof Rack

Seasucker Talon 1 - Link


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    • Thank you for the order, I’m sure I will love it!

      I am looking forward to opening up my headlights soon thanks to your DIY article. If you have any stickers throw them in and I will do a little advertising for ya!

      Thank you Mr. Repps! Jack Swanson

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